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Chapter 15
ReincarnationOfficial coloredMonstersActionGhostsIsekaiFantasy

Osamu, a young man who died at a young age due to an incurable illness. His second life was to drift as a "spirit (demon)" in an unknown world! Osamu, who is hated by humans and unreasonably deprived of his "life," hopes that he "does not want to die anymore." At that time, he gained the power of "life-sucking" that feeds on the vitality of others. In addition, he will resist the approaching "death" by using the science that he continued to learn on the bed in the previous life and the creative magic that makes the best use of his own dexterity. I met an immortal girl who was despaired by being tossed with life like myself, "--You tried to kill me, you guys are bad." In order to live, we are leaning toward the "stealing side" ...? An anti-heroic fantasy where a ghost who wants to live and a girl who can't die conflict with the world!

Chapter 188

"Humility! Integrity! Compassion! Valor! Justice! Sacrifice! Honor! Faith!" He's a lich, however, he's knightly! He is a lich, but he keeps his faith in the light! "Fearless in the face of the enemy! Loyal and upright, he fights to the death! Why you may ask? Because protecting the weak is not against the law of the world!" ................ This is the story of a cat with a bad mouth and a lich who gave his body and soul to the service of the Light!

Chapter 38
ActionAdventureDemonsSupernaturalFantasyComedyMagicShounen aiAdaptationGhostsZombies

An internet troll who wanted attention, the reader criticized his favorite web novel, saying: "The protagonist is dumb and the author is s*upid."Author: " Got it."Unfortunately for him, the author actually listened to his (troll) feedback. The formerly lighthearted tale of a cute harem master suddenly became super dark and edgy. The reader could only helplessly look on as the protagonist was abused and betrayed, finally embarking on the road to becoming completely evil. Everything was a mess!After that the reader transmigrated into a strange world. How come the person in front of him looks like the protagonist (evil undead version)? Just what is going on?!

Chapter 36
SupernaturalComedyGender benderOne shotWeb comicGhosts

Chapter 4.3

Katsuragi, a very friendly office worker, is still working overtime to help his colleague's work today. His recent worries are the mysterious handsome convenience store clerk Mizuki. The customer service is unfriendly, but for some reason their eyes meet and his shoulder can be touched at the cash register.However, what Mizuki was seeing was a ghost possessed by Katsuragi !!"It's too defenseless for you to forgive ghosts."Mizuki doesn't seem to be able to leave Katsuragi and worried about even the ghosts he possesses !?

Chapter 8
AdventureSupernaturalFantasyThrillerSchool lifeWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredFull ColorGhosts

Taehee is bothered by Haewon's, from the same class, constant gaze. Looking for the reason why Haewon is staring at him...and yet why is Haewon with a boy in the alley?! Haewon's words to Taehee, who was struck by shock and confusion, "Hey, there's a ghost behind you." The ghost involved, Han Taehee! The one who sees ghost, Kim Haewon! The one who catches ghosts, Choi Minho! The one that is like a ghost, Kim Chan! The occult and young youth drama of four people with strong personalities!

Chapter 13
GhostsHorrorWeb comic

I'm Haunted by a Ghost, but it Keeps Getting Cuter!

Chapter 14
HorrorSupernaturalPsychologicalComedySlice of lifeThrillerMedicalGhostsOffice workers

Chapter 24
ThrillerMonstersActionDemonsGhostsRomanceAdventureHaremHorrorWeb comicSlice of lifeManhua

What should I do if I encounter a banshee? Normal people: "Run away." Onmyoji: "Exorcise spirits." Monk: "Duhua." Bman reader: "Chase her!" Huo Xie (male lead): "I punched the banshee straight in the face and grabbed her." Then I'll make her admit that there are no ghosts in this world by holding her hair and throwing her ashes away!

Chapter 46
AdventureDemonsFantasyGhostsHistoricalMysterySuper PowerSupernatural

A jinxed youth searches for luck. A teenager who loathes himself because of a supernatural curse which brings misfortune to those around him embarks on a thrilling journey with his friend to solve the mystery of their strange powers.A Gust of Wind Blows at Daybreak /

Chapter 52
DramaFantasyGhostsIsekaiSci fiSeinen

The Future / / Don't open Pandora's box. Estranged daughter Som discovers a mysterious box in her mother's closet after she falls ill and is hospitalized. Upon accidentally opening the box, Som meets a strange woman who introduces herself as a grim reaper. Just who is this mysterious woman and what is her connection to Som's mother?

Chapter 0
ActionAdventureDemonsDramaHorrorSupernaturalFantasyPsychologicalMysteryHistoricalComedySAMURAISportsSchool lifeSmutTragedyScience fictionMonstersGhostsAnthologyGoreSuperheroALIENS

Chapter 58

Chapter 127
AdventureHorrorFantasyMilitaryComedySAMURAISlice of lifeThrillerMagicMartial artsAdaptationTime travelFull ColorMonstersAnimalsGhostsVampiresALIENS

Chapter 47
ActionAdventureDemonsFantasyGhostsMartial artsSlice of lifeZombies

The world went into chaos when the Prince rebelled and usurped the throne. In order to save the humanity, Xu Han, a beggar, rebelled against the assassin organization [Hell Asura Clan] to overthrow the tyranny with his friends to return the world to peace.THE HIDDEN BRILLIANCE

Chapter 8

While the Joseon Dynasty was on the verge of destruction by the ghostly spirits,' the only thing the people could rely on in place of the incompetent King was "Hwalbin," a righteous outlaw group. Gil Dong, the son of Hwalbin' group leader Hong Mun, was reborn as the "executor of the prophecy," to save Joseon by linking himself with the blood and thus began a war against the ghost by rallying Hwalbin members scattered across the eight provinces of the country.

Chapter 9
SupernaturalFantasyPsychologicalMysterySlice of lifeRomanceShounen aiYaoiGhostsCrossdressing

Maeda Jun is an author who likes peace and tranquility. While walking through a cemetery at night, thinking about the 'cute love' that his readers are after, he was possessed by a spirit.Kawakami Yukio is a deliveryman who noticed the spirit possessing Maeda but kept quiet thinking it had nothing to do with him.Maeda, still unaware of his spirit passenger, goes out into the night for a walk once again. There in the darkness his gaze is caught by a woman dancing alone. But she has a secret...

Chapter 5

Chapter 94

The ugliness behind city glamour. Playboy Ondal lives a life of wooing women and seeing ghosts. His curiosity is piqued when he hears about a serial murderer involving the supernatural, and his investigation leads him to a widow who had lost her husband in a similar manner years ago. Ready to face the truth, he hears her story.Her Story [Official] / / / / Pilbupilbu

Chapter 35
ActionGhostsSchool lifeSupernatural

Kaya-chan is an infamous problem child in kindergarten. However, when Chie-sensei is assigned to look after her, she finds out that Kaya has an ability... Presenting to you, the strongest horror action series set in a kindergarten!!

Chapter 7.5

Chapter 4
ActionAdventureDemonsHorrorSupernaturalFantasyMysteryHistoricalMartial artsIsekaiWebtoonAdaptationFull ColorMonstersGhosts

Chapter 26

Chapter 11
ActionDemonsGhostsVideo gamesFantasySupernaturalAdaptation

Gods of Ikusadatara will tell a different story from the original game. Sakuna discovers a mysterious berry while hunting for food ingredients. When Sakuna opens the berry, she finds twin babies that will drastically change her daily life.Published for free on Hero's Web.

Chapter 48

After being gruesomely murdered, Park Juhyeon begs the grim reaper for a chance to find his killer. To solve this mystery, he returns to earth as a ghost and teams up with Choi Seongmin, a vampire who assists the dead in the world of the living. As they dig deeper into the case, Juhyeon uncovers some disturbing clues and slowly realizes that his past was less clear-cut than he remembered. Was Juhyeon really just unlucky to meet an untimely death? Or did he have a hand in his own bloody demise?

Chapter 18
ComedyGhostsHorrorRomanceSchool lifeSlice of lifeSupernatural

Born as a spirit medium, Tae-nam has lived and escaped ghosts. She lived a limited life under the protection of her grandmother, a shaman, but she finally found her freedom when she went to a university! In addition, the guardian spirit of a person, whom she met at the entrance ceremony, is a god with general-level ability to exorcise the surrounding ghosts, and will Tae-nam enjoy the freedom of college life with their help?

Chapter 1

New Language of the Soul"Demons and ghosts seem to exist only in legends. They are things that humans imagine for stimulation. It seems that the world has always been calm and peaceful, and the sky is clear. However, when he accidentally saw a ghost, his fate was rewritten. A few hours later, he was possessed by a female ghost, and then he became a woman! "

Chapter 4

Futamata Kaito is dating two girls, one is alive and one is a ghost.

Chapter 49
ComedyDramaFantasyGhostsJoseiSchool lifeSlice of life

Only I can see this grim reaper?! Seowoo has just about had it with life. But when she's about to jump off a bridge, she's interrupted by a grim reaper nobody else can see. Not only that, he wants her to stay alive for three more months! A woman who wants to die and a strange reaper will Seowoo finally find a reason to live?

Chapter 3
ComedySlice of lifeFull ColorGhostsOffice workers