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DramaSupernaturalYaoiSmutOfficial coloredFull ColorMafia

Dooshik is in a bind. After making off with the takings from the gay bar where he worked, he seeks refuge in a small, coastal town. As his funds dwindle, he desperately needs a way to make ends meet. Still, a boy's gotta eat! So he dives into a clam house to satisfy his cravings. But with no money to pay, he dashes off leaving Jooha, the server, to foot the bill. Later on, when Dooshik returns to pay his debt, he's greeted by a sordid scene that offers a tantalizing glimpse of the solution to his money problems. For within Jooha's beautiful shell lies a secret treasure waiting to be drawn out. And Dooshik is just the man to do it.Pearl Boy,


"I'm not done talking to you, Hyung."What is this asshole jabbering about now?"I don't care how much money your family has -- to freakin' look down on and treat a person like a beggar, how do you think that would make me feel?"Jeong-in was confused as to whether the person in front of him was the same Cho Seung-hyun he had known up till now."Seung-hyun, I think ...

Chapter 14-4

Assassin Cinderella manga, Assassin & Cinderella Neneko is spying on a rival organization's assassin, but her true identity is revealed, and the condition for her safety is "marriage"!? The world's sweetest and most dangerous Contract Marriage begins!!

ActionDramaMilitaryPsychologicalMysteryRomanceThrillerPoliceYaoiTragedyWebtoonAdaptationLong stripWeb comicCrimeFull ColorMafia

.Three years ago, the operation leader Jiang Ting made an error in judgment, a chain explosion occurred at the scene, and there were heavy casualties in the unit. Three years later, he, supposed to have died in duty, returned to the world, doing everything he could to bring forth the bloody, bizarre truth. Heroic souls resting in death, the ones behind it all closely approaching, sentiments built fighting side by side in blood and fire"I used all of my luck in this life, to exchange for you. Thank you for bringing me back to this world, Yan Xie."

Chapter 41

A former swordsmith apprentice embarks on a bloodthirsty path against a gang of sorcerers who have taken over the city!

Chapter 76

The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra , Limited Extra TimeAs the middle child who is neither the heir nor the cherished youngest twins,Karina has lived her whole life hidden away from others.One day, she found that she only had 1 year left to live.So without a plan, she went to visit her fianc who she barely knewTo annul the engagement as he always wanted."I won't beat around the bush. I want to spend a year here."".My Lady, have you gone crazy?""In return, I'll agree to annul the engagement."But she didn't know at that time."It feels like you're trying to pretend to be oblivious, so I'll make it clear.""Pardon?""I like you."I didn't expect to receive his unwarranted interest and affection. I wouldn't have thought I would have wanted to live in my meaningless life.

Chapter 20

."Jeez Going into heat in a place like this"I hate this, but I can't stop my instinctual desire I can't believe that this first-rate, yet horrible man is my fated matchNiikura Wakana is a romance writer who can't sell. Her editor recommended an assignment to her: interview the "first-rate alpha () male," the young leader of the Koukyou yakuza group, Tatara Kunimitsu, for a magazine article! To get closer to this beautiful man of mystery, Wakana poses as a hostess for a high-end club, but she can't stop sweating from her nervousness or so she thought, but in reality, she was experiencing her first heat! Bewildered by the awakening of her omega () traits and unable to control or restrain her aching body, Wakana's pheromones attract a large group of men In this desperate situation, the one who comes to the rescue is?! Is this feeling love, or is it simply animalistic instinct?

Chapter 5

.The yakuza head Kohaku was shot while attempting to save a cat, but instead of dying, he was summoned into a different world. But how did he end up as the priestess of the animal-eared and tailed Cat ear clan?!

Chapter 86

Akabane Honeko no Bodyguard manga,

Chapter 18
ReincarnationRomanceComedyMafiaFantasyVillainessSlice of life

A girl who grew up as the granddaughter of a gangster family was reincarnated in a otome game, where the early modern mafia makes a secret move. She was the beloved daughter of the five major families that support the monarchy from behind the scenes! A dangerous love game between a former gangster's granddaughter and a villainous fianc begins!

Chapter 41
DramaComedyRomanceSchool lifeMafia

.....This is a wedding battle royale that involves no male virtue that revolves around a single woman (the granddaughter of the boss of the gang that controls Japan's underground society, the Tsukijou gang; she is a person who is only attracted by good looks, loves cats, and is a normal highschool girl in the daytime!!!If one marries the granddaughter of the boss of the Tsukijou gang, Tsukijou Ageha, obtaining the rulership of the underground society is not an impossible feat! But I want to meet the love of my life and have a lovely romance...! That's right, with a cute and kind person just like Kira-kun whom I love...In contrary from Ageha's daydreams, now then, this Kira-kun. His true colours are...?

Chapter 4

Touma, the next in line to succeed as the head of the Hyuga Group, spends his days beating up street punks and chasing after pretty women.However, everything changes when his father, the head of the group, assigns him a new bodyguard. His bodyguard proclaims: "I am ready to sacrifice my everything for you no matter what the cost," yet what is he hiding from the young master?

Chapter 24

Cu gii thot ti khi nhng thng ngy tuyt vng v b bt nt. Nhng sau khi cu xut hin, mt a ngc mi li bt u Cu rt cuc l ai? Ti c th tin ai y?

Chapter 77

The authors of the hits "Clover" and "Sunflowers" are back!The curtain of a hot battle opens in anticipation of the bad guys! ..

Chapter 5

Me, a Saint? Nay, I am a Villainess! ~Therefore, I shall have the honor of preventing this TPK~ , After waking up from a nightmare, Iris realized she was the Villainess in an otome Game. But in the game, all of the love interests had a hidden abnormal way of loving, so no matter which one you went after, you'd have a Happy Bad Ending. And in the worst case scenario, the royal castle goes up in flamesand if you didn't capture the heart of any love interest, the Villainess Iris would stab the Heroine..?! But she refuses the idea of such a future, therefore she'll take it upon herself to prevent her ruin and Happy Bad Ending!Read more: https://mangabuddy.com/manga/me-a-saint-nay-i-am-a-villainess-therefore-i-shall-have-the-honor-of-preventing-this-tpk

Vol.1 Chapter 11
DramaRomanceShounen aiMafia

After losing everything while being in prison, former yakuza Mitsuya Kaoru, who was wandering around the entertainment district, saved Shirouzu Yuuichirou, a flower shop owner who had collapsed on the street. He ended up working at his shop as a live-in, marking the start of a new life and a new love.An ex-yakuza who has lost his way x the owner of a flower shop that opens at night.The world of two people who live in the city at night and a pure love story.

Chapter 7
ActionComedyCrimeGoreHorrorMafiamature - 2

Black Lagoon The Book of Venom , This volume contains graphic violence, strong language, nudity, adult situations, drinking', smokin', ass-kicking, law breakin', gun-love, running with scissors and just about everything your mother ever told you not to do.

Chapter 25.5
ComedyMafiaRomanceSlice of life

Talk About Love Secretly, Ai wo Kataru nara Hisoyaka ni manga, The cold-hearted mafia and the maid who works for him -but for some reason, their relationship is a bit strange. In truth, he's actually a gentleman (Romeo) who is infatuated with his maid! Be it an expensive gift or the perfect date, he makes full use of everything he has to express his love Is he aware of their social standings? A flashy, fun, and slightly dangerous romantic comedy.

Chapter 6
ComedyMafiaWeb comicSlice of life

Young head, Ken Kaneshiro (39) goes to an idol concert and becomes a fan of one of the idols there.

Chapter 10

Miss Healer is Acting a Little Strange manga,

Chapter 12
DramaPsychologicalMysterySchool lifeTragedyWebtoonLong stripWeb comicOfficial coloredCrimeFull ColorMafiaPHILOSOPHICAL

A Taiwanese Webcomic focused on friend taking revenge for her friend.Xiao Yue, who Just moved back to Taiwan, happen to see her best friend, Xiao Nai, jumped off the building. Once she knows the reason why Xiao Nais suicide, decides to take revenge for her friend. With no time, she collects all the information of her targets. This is the story of how she takes down the enemy of her friend, one by one.