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NightwatcherChapter 18
ActionMartial artsDrama

In this world, there is: Confucianism; Taoism; Buddhism, Demons, and Magicians. Xu Qi'an, a graduate from the police academy, suddenly finds himself waking up in prison, to be exiled to the border three days later His initial goal was to protect hims

I’m Really Not A SupervillainChapter 135
ActionMartial arts

I' m sure I' m not a scoundrel, I' m hardly a Villainous Boss!, On the 11th day of November 2111, four mysterious towers appeared out of nowhere Following that, crimson rain engulfed three-fourths of the earth and turned it into a barren wasteland. S

Spirit CatcherChapter 100
ActionMartial artsSupernatural

Yangyao is a renowned exorcist who drives out spirits that bother the normal lives of humans. When he is faced with a difficult case, he enlists the help of his winemaker friend, Yan'an. A tale of ghost-hunting centered around Yangyao that is filled

Great Zhou Immortal OfficialsChapter 65
ActionComedyMartial arts

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal?Chapter 129
ActionMartial artsRomanceSupernatural

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal at When your soul goes into others, others are also going into you. On this day, Lin Fan and the Saintess transmigrated at the same time, and later found out that they could transmigrate infinitely!

I Encountered A False Spiritual RevivalChapter 16
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Everyone in the world is mentally ill, except me!Wo Yu Daole Jia De Lingqi Fusu, I Encountered a Fake Reiki, W Y Dole Ji De Lngq Fs,

I, Who Have the Natural Charismatic Traits, Was Targeted by Yandere DisciplesChapter 4
WebtoonsDramaEcchiMartial arts

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Vanilla LandChapter 32
ActionComedyMartial arts

In lands far..far away, where scary monsters and horrific creatures live. where hidden treasures and magic exists, where there are still undiscovered kingdoms and empires mankind discovered a new source of energy to empower their mechanical machines

Dong GunChapter 110
ActionComedyDramaMartial arts

It was an era of terror, a time in history where 10 suns shone as the world below burned under its mantle. As a result, Yae, a legendary warrior, was summoned and commanded by Chunjae, the father of these 10 suns, to shoots down all but one sun. But

Memoir of the God of WarChapter 169
ActionShounenMartial arts

Breathing does not guarantee everyone

King of the EastChapter 110
ActionComedyDramaMartial arts

It was an era of terror, a time in history where 10 suns shone as the world below burned under its mantle. As a result, Yae, a legendary warrior, was summoned and commanded by Chunjae, the father of these 10 suns, to shoots down all but one sun. But

Wheel world (Roulette World)Chapter 195
ActionMartial arts

Apex Future Martial ArtsChapter 113
ActionMartial arts

At the beginning of the martial dao, abnormal beasts invaded the world. Humanity's martials had to retreat in defeat time and time again. Lu Sheng transmigrates to that time, but in his dreams he enters a world 10 000 years later. The foundational bo

Memoir Of The King Of WarChapter 169
ActionMartial artsWebtoons

Breathing does not guarantee everyone's alive! Dan Sa Yu, a descendant of Goryeo, greatly reprimands the Central District for the sake of his friend whom he treasures the most. He reigns every battle! No one could stop him! Cheonpo Armed Forces. The

Logging 10,000 Years into the Future (Apex Future Martial Arts)Chapter 113
ActionMartial arts

At the beginning of the martial dao, abnormal beasts invaded the world. Humanity's martials had to retreat in defeat time and time again. Lu Sheng transmigrates to that time, but in his dreams he enters a world 10 000 years later. The foundational bo

Lun Pan Shi JieChapter 195
ActionMartial arts

Ye Zhongming, who was struggling to survive in the apocalypse, Reborned at the moment when his life stopped breathing!Back to the beginning of the end, around the afternoon ten years agoThe familiar golden battleship, the familiar lottery roulette, a

I Picked Up An AttributeChapter 516
ActionMartial arts

The gaming emperor Feng Xia accidentally travelled into the era of magic and cultivation, attributes abilities and strategy can be used to defeat his opponents and each time he defeats his opponents, he can obtain the skills and attributes of the ene

CChapter 4
ComedyDramaMartial artsRomance

After losing all magical powers, Bing Yuanzi was caught by a female disciple with ulterior motives. Witnessing a disciple she had painstakingly raised harboring malicious intentions, the master drank the last vial of a transformative potion, intendin

Sleeping RankerChapter 111
ActionComedyDramaMartial arts

We're only taking a break for about 30 seconds? I'm not imagining things, right?" "Yes." After 15 hours of hunting, Hyunsung asked to rest for a while, and after 30 seconds, he had to get up again and started hunting. Actually, Hyunsung has a special

Reincarnation Path of The Underworld KingChapter 29
ActionDramaMartial arts

The underworld has collapsed. In the barren land where blood should flow, now clear water flows, and the cauldron that used to boil the souls has long since gone cold. The retired King of Underworld, in pursuit of his own happiness, seeks the path of

Soul Land Iv - The Ultimate CombatChapter 475-5
ActionMartial artsShounen


Shadow Of The MoonChapter 13
AdultDramaMartial artsRomance

Yeonho is a military officer who uses his supernatural abilities to protect the people from various demon-like beasts. Although the abilities he possesses are extraordinary, his energy gets thrown into a frenzy upon exceedingly long usage, and he los

Peerless Battle SpiritChapter 642
ActionMartial arts

In the Canglan Continent, there existed a rule: only those who managed to awaken a Martial Spirit were able to pursue the path of cultivation, and a Martial Spirit's rank was determined when it was awakened. Born in Linshui City, Qin Nan was a peerle

Soul Land IVChapter 475-5
ActionMartial arts

The expedition of scientists from the Federal Research Institute roaming the northern ice land found an egg with wavering light of gold and silver. A kind man, Lan Xiao who lead the expedition hatched that egg and a cute baby boy came out. He decided

Kengan OmegaChapter 258
ActionDramaMartial arts

Sequel to Kengan Ashura.

Kengan OmegChapter 258
ActionDramaMartial arts

Sequel to Kengan Asura. Takes place 2 years after the tournament.

Hunter Academy’s Strongest Battle GodChapter 22
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

Hunter Academy's Strongest Battle GodEvaluated as having the lowest attribute type, F-Class, the five-year-old Shin Yu-Sung was abandoned by the famous Shin hunter family. That same year, Shin Yu-Sung was taken in by one of the top Hunters, the King

The Demon King Dad and His Hero DaughterChapter 27
WebtoonsActionComedyMartial arts

Selene, the daughter who dreams of becoming a hero, and Shion, the demon king who adopted her. Shion has to conceal his true identity at all costs, unable to cheer on his daughters dreams or attempt to stop her.This is the story of Selenes journey to

In the Night Consumed by Blades, I WalkChapter 109
ActionMartial arts

[From the studio of Mercenary Enrollment and same author as Return of the Mad Demon]Despite being an orphan, Jin So-Han was taken in by the Crescent Moon Sword Dance Group and spent his childhood with those women. But one day Poison Demon, one of the

Nano MachineChapter 203HOT
ActionMartial artsWebtoons

After being held in disdain and having his life put in danger, an orphan from the Demonic Cult, Cheon Yeo-Woon, has an unexpected visit from his descendant from the future who inserts a nano machine into Cheon Yeo-Woon body, which drastically changes

Baki RahenChapter 19
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

The sixth part of the Baki series.

Reborn As A MonsterChapter 137
ActionMartial arts

Reborn As A Monster manhua, Lin Yuan, who died in a car accident, accidentally traveled to a parallel world and became a monster with a sign-in system! Check in at the Mariana Trench and reward "devouring power"! Sign in at extreme abyss Island and r

ApotheosisChapter 1186
ActionMartial artsShounen

Luo Zheng, now a humble slave was born as the eldest son of a wealthy family. Due to his family's decline, the kidnapping of his sister by a powerful force, he can now only be stepped upon by others. However, heaven never seals off all exits. An anci

Dragon MasterChapter 294
ActionMartial artsShounen

On this continent, all creatures had a chance of evolving into dragons. It was said that every life had their own Dragon Gates. After crossing it, they'd become like the sun and moon in the sky, dazzling gloriously. That also applied to humans. Human

I’m The Great ImmortalChapter 630
ActionMartial artsShounenWebtoons

The previous life was a peerless genius in the world of immortality. He was killed by 3 celestial beings. He was accidentally reborn to his 20s by the book of heaven. All he wanted to do was to become an immortal and return to the immortal world, and

100,000 Levels Of Body Refining : All The Dogs I Raise Are The EmperorChapter 339
ActionMartial arts

Five thousand years ago, teenager who had countlessly longed for cultivation, but because of his special physique, was unable to break through the physical training period and enter the next realm of cultivation. He has been practicing from the ancie

I randomly have a new career every weekChapter 619HOT
ActionComedyMartial artsRomance

The All-Knowing CultivatorChapter 38
ActionDramaMartial arts

A powerful cultivator entered a world ruled by superpowers, and decided to begin cultivation anew in this different world to achieve his long-held wish of transcending. Being born with the ability to cultivate, traces of long-ago cultivators It's not

Martial PeakChapter 3735HOT
ActionMartial arts

The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one.In the face of adversity,you must survive and remain unyielding.Only then can you break through and and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples

Young master is too RighteousChapter 124
ActionMartial arts

Young master is too Righteous manhua, The villain traveler, the son who's an example of justice was possesses by him! Get the cheat system, but, later he found that the system is actually a villain training manual! How to choose between good and evil

Being pathetic, my disciples keep me aliveChapter 25
WebtoonsActionMartial arts

"Immortal cultivation? No way, too easy to die! Saving the world? No thanks, I'll end up dead sooner or later! System? No, no, too much trouble! If I really have to, then I'll sneakily develop behind a group of expert disciples!"

Becoming the Swordmaster Rank Young Lord of the Sichuan Tang FamilyChapter 16HOT
ActionDramaMartial arts

Once a prestigious lineage of poison and hidden weapons, the Sichuan Tang Family has now fallen into decline. Born there, Tang Yeon-myeong suddenly becomes obsessed with sword, awakening memories of his past life where he reached the pinnacle of swor

Cultivation Chat GroupChapter 624
ActionComedyMartial arts

One day, Song Shuhang was suddenly added to a chat group with many seniors that suffered from chuuni disease. The people inside the group would call each other Fellow Daoist' and had all different kinds of titles: Palace Master, Cave Lord, True Monar

Me, The Heavenly Destined VillainChapter 148
DramaMartial artsSupernatural

I Am the Fated VillainChapter 148
ActionComedyMartial arts

Immediately after Gu Changge realized he had transgressed into a fantasy world, the world's protagonist, and fortune's chosen, vowed to take revenge on him. Envied by all, he not only has the female lead head over heels for him but he's also treated

Master: This Villainous Disciple Is Not The Holy ChildChapter 39
ActionMartial arts

A hundred years ago, Chu Xiu transmigrated from Earth to Cang Qiong Continent, and received the Destined Villain System. After killing countless holy sons and daughters, he was surrounded by the older generation, and self destructed, possessing Tai S

Master: This rebellious disciple is definitely not the Holy SonChapter 39
ActionDramaMartial artsShounen

Chu Xiu, who came from the Blue Star, transmigrated to the Tianqiong Continent a hundred years ago. He bound the Fate Antagonist System, killed numerous daughters of the Holy Land's Holy Son, and became invincible among his peers. In the end, he was

Edens ZeroChapter 285
ActionMartial artsShounen

All his life, Shiki has been surrounded by machines. At Granbell Kingdom, a long-abandoned amusement park, he is the only one of his kind around. That is, until Rebecca Bluegarden and her feline companion Happy arrive, unaware that they are Granbell’

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