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I have 90 billion licking gold

I have 90 billion licking gold

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Manhua

Chapters: 292

Last update: 10 hours ago


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Chen Yuan, a loser college student, licked the goddess Lin Shutong wildly for three years but was kicked by her. In grief, he accidentally activated the dog-licking gold system. It has 90 billion dog-licking gold in its memory. It can only be used to lick women. The more you spend, the more cash you will get back, and you can also get various attribute bonuses and become Superboy. It's called the Dog Licking Gold System but do I really want to do Dog Licking? As long as I lick enough, I will be the King of Neptune, and as long as I use money to prove that I love enough, I can smash the goddess into my licking dog! At this time, Chen Yuan, who had great enlightenment, started his own glorious life.