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Reincarnated as a Baby/Child, Family, Childcare, Babysitter, Pregnancy Part 1.

Created By  SuperZoro

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Reincarnated as a Baby/Child
Family, Family Love 
Doting Family Member 
Baby, Children
Childcare, Babysitter
Adopted Child 

Father-Daughter/Son Relationship 
Mother-Daughter/Son Relationship  
Stepmother-Stepdaughter/Stepson Relationship 
Aunt-Nephew Relationship 
Siblings Relationship 
Stepsiblings Relationship 
Parent-Teacher Relationship
Guardian Relationship

Teen Pregnancy
Non-Human Pregnancy

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The Baby Land Lord Is RetiringChapter 70

In her third life, she was reborn as the only daughter of a villain that didn't have blood nor tears.People lived in a house that was on the verge of collapsing, so she designed a building using her previous life's knowledge.However, her dad caught h

I Became The Villain's MotherChapter 91

I have become the mother of "Ain Spenner", the antagonist of a novel. I was supposed to be a bad stepmother who abused him as a child and was killed by him when he became an adult. But I saw the cute look on his naive and chubby face, "No, he so cute

Starting From Today, I’M A Princess?Chapter 89

A warrior with the mission of defeating the Demon King even if it meant sacrificing her own life. Although it seemed like the rest of her life would be full of a glittering bright path In reality, it's the gutter! In order to re-find an ordinary life

Into The Light Once AgainChapter 72HOT

I was falsely accused of attempting to kill my younger sister, who was worshipped as a Saintess.There was not a single person who believed in me, nor was there a person who stood up for me.Not even my blood-related family.I was 14 years old, and it w

I Led the Male Lead and Antagonist AstrayChapter 84

I Led the Male Lead and Antagonist Astray manhua, I Have Raised Both the Protagonist and the Antagonist CrookedlyFu Sang is a yin being that was formed from the resentment of the dead. By chance, she received the opportunity to be reborn as a human a

Saving The Villain Who Was Abandoned By The Female LeadChapter 86

Description : I tried to save the sub male lead, who was poisoned by the female lead, but an accident happened! He said he would repay the favor, but he randomly sent me to the most notorious villain, the Family of Assassins?! The family that consist

The Lazy SwordmasterChapter 76

The Lazy Swordmaster manhwa, He is a warrior who was chosen by the Holy Sword regardless of his will for the sake of mankind, but he became tired of living for others. Out of salvation, he defeated the last enemy, the Demon King, and decided to die.

Baby EmpressChapter 96

Description : The child of a prophecy is born to save the world. "I need to get married to save people? I'll do the marriage!" The emperor is a young and innocent boy. But "I can't give you my daughter! She will not be becoming empress." My father in

Can We Become a Family?Chapter 65

"Navia Agnes", adopted to marry the Crown Prince on behalf of Duke Agnes's daughter with a time limit."I really want to be family."Navia, who held on to her family's affection, did her best to become an Empress even while being abused. However, once

I Was Just An Ordinary LadyChapter 165

A sassy prospective college student, Kim Hansol, meets her end due to an unlucky accident. She gets reincarnated as a beloved lady in a family of heroes in a world with magic, spirits, and dragons. "I'm going to return to my original world no matter

If You Touch My Brother, You’re All DeadChapter 73

.I became sixteen year old Rosalette. She fell out of bed and when she opened her eyes, she had possessed a character in "Asterion of a Blue Starry Night" a cliche BL novel with passion, fantasy, drama, and angst. Plus, she was Rosalette, the older s

SijinChapter 332

Description : A noble girl traveled back in time to when she were 15 years old. Her mistakes, and those who have harmed her and done her injustice. She will get revenge from all of them! A super smart female lead shall turn all of her misfortune arou

The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66666 YearsChapter 91

Diablo Volfir, a mighty magician, was sealed for aeons due to the schemes of the 12 Gods, but 66666 years have passed since then, and he descends to earth once again!

One Step Forward to the Flower PathChapter 67.5

Read manhwa One Step Forward to the Flower Path / I lived my whole life being used by other people and died at the age of 16.I thought it would be over like that, but when I opened my eyes again, I was back in the past.I thought I'd die while livi

I Became the Daughter-In-Law of the Villain Because I’m Terminally Ill!Chapter 62

The final villain is being deceived by his young time-limited daughter in law who was possessed. If I die at the right time, I will marry his son. The problem is, I already know the cure! And I don't want to die, but if I don't get killed now, then I

The Invicible Princess Is Bored Again TodayChapter 47

Read manhwa The Invicible Princess Is Bored Again Today / The Invicible Princess Is Bored Again Today / Dante Renatos, who took the place of Emperor with his excellent swordsmanship, reincarnated 500 years later as' Helena', daughter of the Duke o

Fight For Her Gifted SonChapter 188

A 21st century top-class assassin travels back in time one day to find that she's been transformed into the Second Miss of the Duanmu Family, one of the five great aristocratic families of the Xuanyuan Dynasty. But, this Second Miss was naturally use

EvangelineChapter 50

Read manhwa Evangeline / When I opened my eyes, I found myself becoming a supporting actor in a novel I had written.Evangeline, who was executed for harassing the heroine. While running and running alone to avoid the initial end, "When I created th

The Archmage's DaughterChapter 170HOT

Maybelle had lived a life of abuse under her parents. Upon discovery that these parents arent her true biological parents and that somewhere, her father exists, Maybelle sets off in search of him.

How the Villainess Becomes a Saint: Escaping Certain Death!Chapter 64

How the Villainess Becomes a Saint: Escaping Certain Death! manga, Akuyaku Reijou desuga Shibou Flag Kaihi no Tame ni Seijo ni Natte Kenryoku wo Koushi Shiyou to Omoimasu , She was just a regular office worker living a regular life, but one day, she

Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying to Make Me Her StepmomChapter 71

I have transported as civilian 1 into the "tragic novel" I wrote with my friends for fun. Since he declares revolution in order to change his daughter's unhappy future. If I leave it like this then many lives are in danger. "I will protect the female

Preference for the PossessorChapter 58


I Only Came to Find my DadChapter 74

Despite her lack of father, Louise lived happily with her mother. Then one day, with her mother's death, her happy life came to an end.As her self proclaimed guardian, her uncle Benjamin, a scumbag who coveted her mother, took her in as his niece. Th

Am I The Daughter?Chapter 102

Description : She was adopted by the devil-like count. Before dying, Hailynn lived her whole life being confined in a hut. When she opened her eyes she was 8 years old. She returned back in time right before she was to be adopted by the count. Hailyn

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