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Lips On The Tip Of a KnifeChapter 69

The Mad Dog of the Empire, Arne, the strongest knight ever.She is forced to marry at the torch of her parents."If you don't like your husband, you have to kill him and come back."But nobody ever told me that my husband was so handsome?"You're like gl

Let’s get married one more timeChapter 39

let's get married one more time manhwa, In the middle of a sea of yellow flowers in the garden is my husband, Kardi. "You told me you liked these flowers before." A sweet man who remembers words spoken in the past and makes a field filled with daffod

Love Your EnemiesChapter 102

End of trouble, life reset!Bae Yeon Hee struggling campus romance!

Liar (Juri Hakamada)Chapter 160

A fated meeting in spring leads Narita Misao on a rollercoaster of manipulation, love, and lies.

Lord Kagetoki’s Crimson ConsortChapter 5

Lord Kagetoki's Crimson Consort manga, Kagetoki-sama no Kurenai Koukyuu Lord Kagetoki's Crimson HaremHaunted by death and rumored to be a "Death Goddess," Kito Tsutsuji falls off a building because of a man who believed those same rumors and resente

Lee Seob’s loveChapter 48HOT

Read manhwa Lee Seob's love / / Lee Seop's Romance / Yiseob's Relationship10 consecutive years ranked 1st in job performance! The top employee following the fastest and youngest promotion path! My motivation for joining, Kang Minkyung, who gave me

Life Of A War Emperor After RetirementChapter 301

Russian / . , , , . , , . , , - , - . ! .

Liar x LiarVol.10 final chapter: past, present, and...

One day, on a whim, 20-year-old Minato dresses up in her friend's cute high school uniform and goes out briefly into the city. To her horror, she ends up running into her stepbrother, Tooru, who is actually only months younger than her. Since he's cu

Love Voice (Voice of Love)Chapter 36.5
RomanceShounen aiYaoi

.Love Voice manga summary: A love story between Sun Soohan, who can read thoughts and the cute Jiho who has a crush on himJiho who fell for his classmate Sun Soohan is having a hard time with his one sided love, trying not to confess him due to a tra

Lin Fei ChroniclesChapter 17
ActionComedyMartial artsShounen

Soul Wearer Lin Fei got lucky and acquired a Yun Yuan stone and Sun Gold scriptures. Lin Fei steps into the battlefield of the spirits and demons and slays tens of thousands. He gradually obtains the Ancient Spirit King's inheritance and achieves the

Looking for a FatherChapter 51.5

Hyun-Su Jung (29) was scammed by Jung-Mi Kim and is now in debt of 900,000$. He is being chased by loan sharks and ended up kidnapping Jung-Mi Kim's daughter, Ha-Yeon Lee (17). But when Hyun-Su Jung calls to ask for a ransom, Jung-Mi Kim tells him sh

Limited Extra TimeChapter 76

The existence of the second child, Karina, who was the successor's youngest twin and the one who wasn't as competent as her sibling, has been concealed by the people around her all her life.One day, she finds out that she only has one year left to li

Lord, It Doesn't MatterChapter 109

The main character, Lord Li De is the fourth son of Lord Yunyang of YongTian Kingdom. After being reincarnated into another world filled with monsters and magic, he tried to live leisurely, but his father had different plans for him. He tried to make

Libercinis of the Witch HuntingVol.3 Chapter 25: Eternal Blessings Showered Upon You

This is a world where all witches were "hunted".The "witches" who appeared several decades ago were the subject of "heresy" as a bad existence harming people. There is a young boy who had a doubts about such this common sense, Hayato Arai. witnesses

Little MushroomChapter 23HOT
WebtoonsRomanceShounen ai

An Zhe was a mushroom whose life purpose was to bear his own spore.One day, he lost his spore.After searching all around the world, he finally spotted a familiar spore on television.An Zhe knocked desperately on the door of a certain colonel of the h

Last ParadiseVol.2 Chapter 50.5: [Season 2] Chapter 30.5
DramaRomanceShounen aiWebtoons

This is a story about Myunghan, who has just entered high school, Sihoo, his childhood friend, Seungchan, who suddenly appears between the two, and the strange triangle that develops between the three of them.

Link in the holeChapter 10

not found...

Love Nest (Yuu Minaduki)Chapter 12

After being heartbroken by his crush from college, Hoizumi ventures into the world of homosexuality. After frequenting a certain gay bar, he becomes friends with the master there. Tired of living in his apartment with the noisy children above him, Ho

Log Horizon - Nishikaze no RyodanVol.11 Chapter 65: Beyond The Horizon [END]

This is a side story of Log Horizon.A story about Soujirou Seta "exmember of Tea Time Party and his guildmate (West Wind Brigade) in a world of MMORPG.By its eleventh expansion pack, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Elder T

Last OmegaverseChapter 6

It's been 100 years since the extinction of alphas and omegas. These genders now only exist in textbooks. Ayase, who was born with an "Omega mutation" in this world where only betas exist, has to labor as an AV male actor in order to secretly obtain

LifeVol.20 Chapter 80 : Life

From Tokyopop:Ayumu Shiiba is studying for the all-important high school entrance exams. She is struggling to get by, but thankfully has help from her best friend Shii-chan, who is at the top of their class. Test results come back and their friendshi

Lip and SwordChapter 97
Shounen aiYaoiMature

.Elegant and handsome director x cold genius host (sly fox x little stubborn horse). Xing Ming used to be a top medical student, but he changed professions and stepped into the TV industry. He was known as the ice prince.' In order to clear his fathe

Love CollageVol.12 Chapter 119.5 : Special Chapter - The Boy Who Heard Too Much

Maeda Hachibei is unlike most guys, who lust after gorgeous girls. This pervert lusts after their discrete parts, instead. When he moves to Tokyo to attend school, he finds himself living in a dormitory with five girls, each of which possesses one of

Last Round ArthursChapter 11: A Leading Hand (1)

Rintarou is a guy who's good at anything he tries, so he's completely bored with life. Just for fun, he decides to help Runa in her bid to be recognized as the one true King Arthur, but there's just one problemshe sold Excalibur?!?!

Love On The ClockChapter 131

When she woke up, she only found herself in a state of unawareness with nothing in mind but blood. "I killed my own mother!" She shouted, like a wild monster.On the brink of her breakdown, he suddenly appeared, holding her tight and gently. "I will c

LUFFChapter 96

Tired of dating apps that feel like they're in control of your love life? Then you better brace yourself for the not-too-distant future of LUFF, where a large worldwide conglomerate has created the ultimate romance-matchmaking-app. How powerful is LU

Let's Fight GhostChapter 76: Angel (2)

A boy named Park BongPal has psychic abilities to see, talk, and get this TOUCH ghosts.

Love Trap「Official」Chapter 57

Llewyn Winston is a humble man who lives to serve crown prince Helion Andres Ischeny. Thanks to a blessing cast on his bloodline, Helion never gets sick – so, when one day he suddenly collapses, Llewyn is tasked with finding a cure. Distraught, Llewy

Love GymNotice. 3

Original Webtoon

Love In The UnderworldChapter 41

The prince of hell and the son of Hades, Ha Ji-wook (Haderius) appears in front Song Si-hoo, a student from the music department and names him as his bride. A reckless love story of the prince of hell that fell in love with a mortal!

Lust (ryuha)Side.2-9 : (END)

During the autopsy of the corpse, Han Yeon-woo', a judicial officer, notices that the victim was the victim of a serial killer, and tries to inform the prosecutor in charge of the case, "Cha Do-hyun," but becomes the target of the criminal. Two peopl

Love LuckyVol.7 Chapter 63 : Our New Start (End)

Fuuta, who has average looks and is a salaryman never had luck with women. However, one day he met a strange girl in a dating agency. She always wears a different mask whenever they go out for dates. One day, Fuuta saved her from what he thought were

Lie By The PillowChapter 117

Xinyuan was cheated by the man she loved and almost got beaten by him. Unexpectedly, a charming man who owns a well-known company came to rescue her and asked her to marry him instead. However, this was not an ordinary romantic story. Soon she realiz

Living with One LegChapter 105

Living with One Leg summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Living with One Leg. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.

LeviathanChapter 214

After a long absence, the young shaman Samizo Kohei returns from the dead with a prophecy of the apocalypse. Or part of him returns, at least - most of his body has been replaced with the transplanted body parts of his former friends, all retaining t

Level 0 no Maou-sama, Isekai de Boukensha wo HajimemasuChapter 19

Meet the Evil King Valt, ruler of the Continent of Darkness. After being defeated by a group of heroes, he was reborn as a human, with his powers intact! "I will start over in this world. And this time the whole world will be mine!" Valt garners the

Lee Doona!Chapter 149

Living together with a retired celebrity?

Lord Of The MysteriesChapter 65
ActionDramaHorrorMartial arts

With the rising tide of steam power and machinery, who can come close to being a Beyonder? Shrouded in the fog of history and darkness, who or what is the lurking evil that murmurs into our ears?

Leveling Up, By Only Eating! (Fix Translation)Chapter 79

Leveling Up, By Only Eating! at The main character is stricken by a rare condition that affects only two people in the entire world, bulimic deficiency.He organizes his daily meals to survive, but his hope of survival grows dimmer as the days go by.H

Little Princess MintChapter 65

Mint, the most miserable girl in the orphanage. Everyday she received all kinds of abuses and she suffered through it, but one day a gentleman appeared in the orphanage and said, "I'll take this child."The man that became the supporter of Mint, is a

Lily of the ValleyChapter 7HOT

Read Lily of the Valley manhwaBecause of her father's debt, Lily' lives in the mansion of her father's creditor, Rose'. At the mansion where Lily goes with Anna, the only maid she relies on and loves, she meets the attractive Rose

Living WillChapter 10.1: Author s Notes

Jeanne, a prostitute at address 74, took care of the fallen Janet. Jeanne wants to be friends with Janet, but Janet tries to get information out of her.

Like A ButterflyChapter 68


Limited Extra Time (The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra)Chapter 76

The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra , Limited Extra TimeAs the middle child who is neither the heir nor the cherished youngest twins,Karina has lived her whole life hidden away from others.One day, she found that she only had 1 year left to live.

Lovely FishChapter 178

After experiencing the tragic death of her family in her previous life, Mo Jiaojiao has been reborn back into her 3 y/o self! This life, she decides to enter the palace earlier to save Mo Yuan State, but never would have thought her papa was a cruel

Lycanthrope Bouken HokenVol.4 Chapter 42: Incident 42 World Order

Lycanthrope Bouken Hoken summary is updating. Come visit mangabuddy.com sometime to read the latest chapter of Lycanthrope Bouken Hoken. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy

Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of ORTAChapter 45

Made into a free to play RPG, Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of ORTA follows the journey of an ordinary high school student who is thrown into the fantasy world of Orta.

Level UpChapter 6

This is a game traveling story of a man and his perfect best friend. Will this be a relationship of subjugation or will they turn into complete adversaries? When your best friend becomes your opponent, and the line between the real and virtual worlds

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